Clinical air disinfection and air quality monitoring

Developed in real world clinical settings, AirPurity has created the world’s first air disinfection system which actively monitors air quality and responds in real time to any raised levels in aerosols.

AirPurity - A new era of infection control

The AirPurity system incorporates air disinfection units (AeroTitan™) and remote monitoring systems (AeroSentinel) that create zonal grids which can highlight and respond to any raised levels, from particulates to CO2, whilst prompting staff when any critical events are recorded for risk mitigations.

Through clinical real-world data AirPurity has been selected as the most effective air disinfection system due to its high air flow capacity, unique safety features, ergonomic & customisable design, low noise levels, adaptive learning capabilities and together with unrivalled level of support.

We are heavily focused on our own research and development, alongside collaboration with other sectors such as an exemplar hospital, schools and leisure facilities, to provide advance technology to improve indoor air quality and widen the resulting benefits beyond hospitals and beyond Covid-19.

We work closely with hospitals and always keen to work alongside authorities and governing bodies, and to support charities to raise awareness of indoor air quality and its impacts.

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Addenbrooke’s Air Disinfection Study

The first real-world comprehensive pragmatic controlled before-and-after study

Funded by the UK Health Security Agency, working in partnership – the implementation of air disinfection to prevent hospital-acquired infections in medicine for older people wards.

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Air disinfection solutions

AirPurity offers a truly next-generation solution for saving lives and improving patient outcomes, without compromising environment with noise pollution.

The AirPurity system continues to evolve and learn through new environments and clinical outcomes and units are remotely updated with new learning to ensure seamless best practice. Systems can be specified to suit any budget and a range of optional extras are available to deliver the best technology possible.

We consider AirPurity systems to be durable, adaptive, long-term solutions – a confidence that is reflected in our 8-year standard warranty.

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Air disinfection & air quality monitoring products

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Contact us for further information on our air disinfection products and services. Already have air disinfection units in place? Ask us about ventilation audits using our AeroSentinel monitoring system, vetted in real-world clinical trials. Have a BMS system and want to integrate AirPurity? Contact us to discuss bespoke communication routes.

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Reducing NHS cost burdens

In 2016/2017, the HCAIs were estimated to cost the NHS £2.1 billion and more than 20,000 deaths per year. AirPurity’s mission is to reduce HCAIs and to manage avoidable related cost to relieve the burden on the NHS, freeing up resources to improve quality of care.