AAirDS - Addenbrooke's Air Disinfection Study

Addenbrooke’s Air Disinfection Study is the first of its kind. A before-and-after study design on medicine for older people wards to examine how effective air disinfection can be by looking at all aspects, yielding valuable information that will help shape future infection control policy.

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The first real-world comprehensive pragmatic controlled before-and-after study. Funded by the UK Health Security Agency, working in partnership – the implementation of air disinfection to prevent hospital-acquired infections in medicine for older people wards.

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a) Primary

i) Incidence of SARS-COV2, adenovirus, HMPNV, Flu A|B, parainfluenza, RSV, picornavirus, norovirus, s.aureus, c.diff, and any Abx Rx c. CAP or HAP as indication.
ii) Incidence of SARS-COV2 alone

b) Secondary

i) Respiratory viruses excluding SAR-COV2
ii) C.diff
iii) S.aureus
iv) Norovirus
v) HAP - by Abx indication
vi) All other HAIs
vii) Severity of C.diff, SARSCOV2 and S.aureus
viii) Length of stay
ix) Bed days lost
x) Abx usage and cost
xi) 30 day mortality

a) Air sampling weekly

i) Fluidigm

b) Air sensors

i) PM counts - 1, - 2.5, - 4, - 10
ii) CO2 levels
iii) Relative humidity (RH)
iv) Temperature

c) Cleaning

i) Soap usage
ii) PPE usage
iii) Alcohol hand sanitisers usage

d) Validation

i) Standard AGAR/MALDI

a) Patients survey

b) Staff

i) Survey
ii) Flu/Covid vaccine rates
iii) Sickness

The process

Air Sensor & Sampling

Historic infection data will be examined and numerous before-and-after air samples and live air quality data collected using AeroSentinel air sensor boxes placed throughout the wards for 24/7 monitoring. This shows researchers how the air moves and the migration of particulate matter and other factors that may cause infections.


The AeroTitan air filtration units located in the multi-occupancy bays and corridor filter the air continuously and capture the particles using the High-Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA filters. In addition, Ultraviolet-C lights integrated into the units clean the air further by inactivating any passing infectious particles. Between 10-15 air change rate per hour will be achieved.

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Reducing NHS cost burdens

In 2016/2017, the HCAIs were estimated to cost the NHS £2.1 billion and more than 20,000 deaths per year. AirPurity’s mission is to reduce HCAIs and to manage avoidable related cost to relieve the burden on the NHS, freeing up resources to improve quality of care.