The new AeroBullet HEPA unit delivers up to 1,200 m3/hr with optimised air mixing at the lowest possible price. We’re proud to announce the most powerful compact unit in the world, with tailored installation to your individual environments and the ability to customise styling.

The unit can be paired with AeroSentinel to enable the logging of particles, CO2 temperature and humidity so you can see the potential risks in simple form, in real time. The AeroBullet is UK-designed and manufactured and is an ideal solution for maximum air quality at minimum cost.

AeroBullet for schools

Maximum air quality, minimum cost to your school

HEPAForSchools is AirPurity UK’s commitment to provide HEPA units for schools at cost price. Our ambitious aim is to deliver over 100,000 units globally in 2022.

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Custom options

Each AirPurity unit can be designed for the environment it occupies. Exterior panels can be fully customised or have decals designed applied, for example, paediatric ward placement. Other options include safety messages, inspirational quotes and marketing opportunities – the only limit is your own imagination!

Higher-spec models include options to customise how the unit moves the air and which direction the outflows blow, and to tailor filtration, for example to a more gaseous environment or to a more generalised dusty environment. How units move can also be tailored, such as being trolley mounted for A&E when aiding a potentially infectious patient.

Customised reporting can be provided and can cover everything from generalised data tables and graphs to comprehensive ventilation reporting. Custom visuals and educational videos can also be created to ensure whoever is moving into the space is aware of the air quality ‘picture’ and safety levels achieved.

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Contact us for further information on our air disinfection products and services. Already have air disinfection units in place? Ask us about ventilation audits using our AeroSentinel monitoring system, vetted in real-world clinical trials. Have a BMS system and want to integrate AirPurity? Contact us to discuss bespoke communication routes.

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Reducing NHS cost burdens

In 2016/2017, the HCAIs were estimated to cost the NHS £2.1 billion and more than 20,000 deaths per year. AirPurity’s mission is to reduce HCAIs and to manage avoidable related cost to relieve the burden on the NHS, freeing up resources to improve quality of care.