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We have already seen ground-breaking results from the AeroTitan™ air disinfection units, which not only clean all types of environments but also significantly reduce CO2 levels in every installation to ensure compliance with stricter ventilation requirements.

The key is that AeroTitan™ focuses on fast laminar flow at a very high rate at multiple height levels. Mixing at various heights ensures fast mixing over long distances and creates currents to clean busy, complex spaces, meaning the performance specifications are far more extensive than anything else with the only scientific evidence in real world hospital environments and publications to back this up.

Air behaves like fluids, so we can make an effective analogy with water. If we take two hoses and push through the same volume of water, they act the same. In air disinfection terms, both an AirPurity and an other-brand air purification unit may have a CADR of, for example, 1,000m3/hr. However, the AeroTitan™ places a ‘thumb’ over a part of the ‘hose’ to cause extreme laminar flow, and the air is consequently pushed and mixed at greater velocities and distances. This creates ‘cleaning’ currents which reduce CO2 build-up at all height levels, from floor to above two metres high.

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Addenbrooke’s Air Disinfection Study

The first real-world comprehensive pragmatic controlled before-and-after study

Funded by the UK Health Security Agency, working in partnership – the implementation of air disinfection to prevent hospital-acquired infections in medicine for older people wards.

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Reducing NHS cost burdens

In 2016/2017, the HCAIs were estimated to cost the NHS £2.1 billion and more than 20,000 deaths per year. AirPurity’s mission is to reduce HCAIs and to manage avoidable related cost to relieve the burden on the NHS, freeing up resources to improve quality of care.