Tailored air purification systems

Every environment is different, and varied flexible solutions are vital to cater for changing usage, number of people in room, etc. Environments can also change over time, with many experiencing seasonal changes. Being able to assess risks visually and react to them in real-time is a powerful enabler of safe practice.

By understanding the specific locations and challenges through initial environment auditing, the AirPurity air purification systems can be tailored to the requirements of any space, ranging from the highest risk environments such as highly congregated geriatric wards, to lower risk spaces such as small treatment rooms with less people.

Environmental control

Intelligent AI monitoring and communication allows the air disinfection units to adapt in real time to environmental changes, such as an extra person entering the room.

Clinical studies within hospital wards environments show the benefits of the immense power and outflow of our AeroTitan™ air disinfection units create the highest possible clean rates whilst improving CO2 levels within poorly ventilated areas.

Airflow diagram
Air quality monitoring
AeroSentinel units

AI monitoring and optimisation

Real world observations and recordings combine with the artificial intelligence (AI) integrated within our patent pending unique systems – the individual elements communicate using real-time data to optimise performance, tailoring function to the exact requirement at that point in time.

The AeroSentinel monitors the environment using Tailored algorithms to calculate risks within its operational area and commands the AeroTitan™ air disinfection units to automatically respond to reduce the risk by controlling the environment.

AirPurity systems collect and display data in real-time via our dedicated data app (and certain AeroTitan™ models), showing the increase and/or reduction of particles and other relevant factors including CO2. This data is then visualised into graphs and a heat map to provide instant comprehension of air quality patterns – both staff and patients can actually see that their workspaces are as safe as possible!

Steps to engage and apply system

1. Understanding size of room and/or areas, volume of people and potential mixing, either through a site visit or remotely with a floor plan

2. Where people congregate and what activities they undertake

3. What systems are already in place (HVAC or dehumidifier, for example)

4. Risk level of infection and desired outcome; this would vary as we would program different cleaning regimes and automated metrics; for example

  • Highly vulnerable and old, or ward conditions
  • Acute respiratory conditions
  • Close proximity cleaning, for example a side room (we would change the outflows)
  • General safer air quality levels for communal areas
  • Improvement of ventilation rates and showing a reduction in risk precursors for office staff

1. Ensure connectivity and firewall access is granted pre site visit

2. Place AeroSentinels in ideal locations (or close to where plugs are available)

3. Set an aerosol test (using the AeroSentinels) to show how fast and concentrated movement is within an environment

4. Collect air quality data for 7 days to assess diversity of environment

1. Share results and highlight key areas which are poorly ventilated

2. Interpret results and correlate to the activities carried out through the day and or night

3. Ascertain a ventilation rate over a factor of days to ensure an accurate range

4. Advise any implementation steps which could be carried out

1. Book an implementation schedule if required/agreed

2. Place AeroTitans/AeroBullets with customised settings to environments

3. Assess in real time the quantitative change and make any adjustments over the course of the next 7 days

4. Aid in educational materials and in-house learning and training

Dependant on the above, AirPurity UK will always advise complete peace of mind to monitor remotely and change/service on site when required, with full support and account manager available.

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Reducing NHS cost burdens

In 2016/2017, the HCAIs were estimated to cost the NHS £2.1 billion and more than 20,000 deaths per year. AirPurity’s mission is to reduce HCAIs and to manage avoidable related cost to relieve the burden on the NHS, freeing up resources to improve quality of care.